As mentioned in a previous post, getting my open water scuba diving certification has been an experience with an impact that seems to offer endless applications.

Another example of this is in the area of worry. There were definitely times during our training we had to face off with inner fear and worry.

Yet, an old lesson learned in grade school quickly applied during these times, as it does anytime we encounter the “fires” of fear: stop, drop, and roll.

Stop – when we find ourself panicking, worrying, or fearful – stop. Stop and breathe. Stop and pray. Stop and take precious moments to recall all the Lord has done and does in our life. Recall His promises, and pray for His help. He listens, and investing the time to simply stop is a priceless invitation.

Drop – Let go of our inner struggles for power, possession, pursuit, and popularity. Simply be present in the moment and with God. Be real, authentic and drop all the pretenses. He knows our hearts, and desires to heal them, and grow us in our faith – but we must stop with all the pretending and pretense. Drop it all and open our hands in trust for Him to take, or give as He knows what is best.

Roll – Move out in faith. Move out and don’t stagnate in fear, in the blaze of worry and anxiety. Move out with God, as we benefit from stopping long enough to pray, and dropping everything to lean into a His voice. Step out – and be strong and courageous for our Lord goes with us and will never leave us.

To me this is like “equalizing” under the water when the pressure begins to pain our heads.

As we remember to stop periodically to clear the pressure, it helps equalize us so that we can continue to move forward; and it gets us out of the “fire”, or the “deep end” of fear, and worry before it consumes us.

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