In Between

I’m not the man I want to be and not the man I once was. I’m in between what was and what can be.

Hard to imagine that my decisions today determine what will be. This scares me because I don’t want to mess it up – and left to my own devices, I will.

Thankfully, I know where my help comes from, and the one great decision I choose to make today is to not abandon hope – to keep faith.

I choose God, and I choose my deepest desire – The freedom to love and to be loved as God designed love to be, and to ultimately become the man He created me to be.

This love affair with God releases my heart to love not only myself with grace, but others as well.

People are mysteries to be known, not problems to be solved, as one sage once so wisely said.

To approach life with not such an analytical and guarded spirit, but with heart, tenderness, and care.

For in a world of harshness, we are sent to be light, and tender warriors offering the purity and vulnerability of love untethered from the natural ways of consumption – but to the supernatural ways of sacrifice.

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