We are meant as Christians for community, not isolation. As we see when God created Adam and Eve, creation wasn’t complete until there was community.

But community can be hard for some – for others, not so much. They enjoy the company of others – there is healing in this area for them and their perceptions of others hasn’t been scarred and calloused.

However, for those who have been harmed, and hurt by others, learning to trust again can be difficult. We begin to imagine and make an agreement that we are better without community and shut ourselves off to close relationships. It’s a move toward protection – but it’s also a move toward faithlessness.

We need each other as Psalm 133 points out – it is good for brothers and sisters in Christ to get along. For we help teach each other, heal each other, and bless each other. There is a hopefulness to the newness God is creating in each of us. Not a hopelessness.

Yes – again, it may be difficult for some to willingly choose to attend community events, and to move out from our “comfort zones” to build new relationships – but when we do, we are trusting God and placing our hope in Him, not others with our hearts.

He also desires we not be the ones to inflict the harm or hurt to others – and at times, our separation from others can do just that.

Yet, as our hearts heal for ourselves, God moves us out, and as He does, our healing helps encourage others’ healing. We become a community sensitive to one another and expectant to the newness and goodness God is doing in each of us.

We walk in faith, trust and hope, which is always the result of love.

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