Freedom’s Flight

I am blown away by the freedom God gives – but we must learn to walk in it. We don’t naturally understand how to fully be free.

We know God says the truth will set us free and we will be free indeed. We also know Jesus gives life abundantly. Yet, even though as believers we have these indescribably generous gifts, we must learn how to use such freedoms well and wisely.

We are further encouraged to remember various truths, such as: God paid a high price for us – so don’t enslave ourselves back to the world…don’t be absorbed by things. Rather, remember to hold them loosely, and don’t be divided and distracted with the worries of this world, or the lure of wealth – the desire for things.

These nuggets of wisdom are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning how to live in the freedom Christ gives.

I long and desire to further grow into such freedoms, and to be completely untethered from the strongholds that once held me. I know that I am – but I’m learning in Christ how to live this out day by day, and hour by hour.

Christ has set us free and we are free indeed, and we are to walk it out – but this can only be accomplished by walking with Jesus and following His lead. His way.

I’ve had to ask myself amidst a flurry of wants, desires, and interests – what is it I truly want?

And the answer is freedom. I also know, after trying to find freedom through various other ways, Jesus Christ is the only source and way to freedom – and His wisdom bathed in love is required to do it well.

For God’s love for us not only gives us freedom, but it teaches us how to live it out wisely.

And as we do, our testimony points others to Christ. We grow as mature believers, overwhelmed with an unselfish love – a purer love than we have ever known.

A love that only God can give us, and teach us, and a love that leads to a life that cares for the welfare, well-being, and healing of others – not solely for ourselves.

Such love is learned in our new freedom, and it is one that truly sets captives free.

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