Psalm 130:4 reminds us how truly endless God’s love, blessings, and forgiveness are.

As Eugene Peterson states it, “God’s way with us is the way of blessing. Rock bottom has a bottom, but the heights are boundless…God comes to bless and bless bountifully”!

For those who know, seek, and walk with God, we know this to be true. We have hard times, yes, and they can be rock bottom hard, but we also know the love, mercy, and grace of God, who tenderly teaches us, forgives us, helps us, heals us, and despite our fumbles and failings, still desires to use us in His plans and purposes.

He doesn’t shame us, and doesn’t seek harm upon us. The enemy has limits – praise God, and God has none! As His children we get to experience such bounty, such beauty, and such blessing – yet, so undeservingly.

How can we not praise and worship Him all our days! We are not without hope – but can soak in His goodness, enjoy His blessings, and love with purpose.

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