Hidden Treasure

Psalm 19 mentions the hidden treasures God generously provides to His beloved.

For me, I am overwhelmed how true this has proven to be, and am sorry it took me so long to realize it.

Most of my life was spent in search of treasure, worldly treasure, but God has so much more to offer.

The desires of our heart when they are surrendered to Him become greater than any desire this world can offer. Desires for genuine love, without conditions, obligations, or strings. Desires for goodness, unity, life, hope, justice, mercy, wisdom, grace, patience, peace, joy, and the list goes on and on.

Unfathomable riches await and abound for those in Christ, but not without a fight.

A fight against distraction, distortion, depression, disappointment, and disconnection.

But God arms us for the battle and teaches us how to fight well. The good fight, and this requires training, as does any preparation.

Training and application of His word, His direction, and His ways. Learning to hear His voice and heeding doesn’t always come easy to a crowded and noisy mind.

Yet, through the tears, the struggles, the sorrows, and the losses, there is joy to be reaped knowing God can be trusted, and that He is good beyond measure.

Taste and see God is as good as His Word says He is, and in faith, hope arises and springs forth life. It reveals new treasures as our wounds are healed, our brokenness bonded, and our dreams renewed.

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