Out At Sea

“This is too much, too wonderful – I can’t take it all in”! This is the exclamation in Psalm 139:6 (Message).

I love this verse and can relate to it so well. I have often felt this way and still do, not only about God, but His magnificent creation(s).

Nature – especially the beach, seems to showcase God’s grandeur and artistic genius like no other place for me. The majestic beauty of the ocean is truly too difficult to take all in at times. The visual stimulus ignites within me praise, worship, gratitude, and awe for God and all He is. Psalm 107:24 is a beautiful verse that describes this as well.

The crystal clear waters, pastel blue skies, wildlife abounding, myriad of colors created by lingering sunsets and sunrises, as well as the hypnotic tides rolling and cascading is simply overwhelming and amazingly beautiful to me.

The beach also seems to be a great equalizer. Socio demographics, and economic statuses seem to fade away. For you can’t tell who’s who when all are unified together and unmasked in just their bathing suits. A simple fellowship is enjoyed by all basking in the sun, salty air, and surf.

Adults frolic as kids again, and children cheer as their parents play along. To me – it’s heavenly.

And for those who can learn how to relax and be present in the moment can truly find calm for their weary souls. God is always with us. Always present, and for me, as I watch dolphins play, birds soar, and meditate upon the expansiveness of God’s creative hand, my soul is refreshed.

Refreshed to know and remember that my God is real. This is all no accident, but purposely created – as am I, and every living soul.

It’s helps me see humanity differently as well. We too are wonderfully and marvelously created – irritating at times for sure, but loved deeply by God and all in need of deep healing in some way.

For although this world has tremendous beauty, it is also plagued and dying. We know this and all have scars inflicted upon us from the wages of sin that seeks to kill, steal and destroy anything beautiful – that includes us.

I eagerly look forward to the new earth as God promises to do something beyond comprehension – to nestle us with Him, in a world of unimaginable beauty, that will place anything we have ever witnessed, or imagined as a faint shadow by comparison.

Until then, may it be done on earth as it is in heaven. May we seek the quiet places of renewal. Marvel at His creative expression, and allow the gratitude of our hearts to overflow with compassion for one another, as we enjoy and faithfully steward over all He has entrusted to us in His extravagant love.

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