Dream Dare

Dare to dream is a phrase often used to help encourage one to dream, but when we dissect it, we soon see just how sobering it is.

To dare is to risk. It indicates something is hard, perhaps scary, and if we take the risk, we may lose, be hurt, or let down.

Yet, we may also capture what we dreamed. But this could be like the small dog finally catching the truck it was chasing – what now?

The dream can be intimidating, or not anything like we thought it would be – perhaps it’s safer to just keep it in our minds and hearts rather than actually pursue it?

Maybe if we just think upon it we can make excuses for it and never really risk being let down by it, or missing out on it?

Or – we can dare to play with the desire. We can follow it and see where it leads us.

We can take the dream to God, lay it at His feet and listen to what He has to say about it. We can inquire about the desire within us.

As we step out to follow the desire, we may discover it’s not really what we thought it was, and can move on with purified desires. Or, we might find pursing it is spot on. We become alive, our faith stronger, our courage bolder, and our vigor for life ignites.

As an example, I once thought I wanted to learn to fly. So, I began taking lessons, and soon realized, it wasn’t for me. Way too much detail – I couldn’t just cruise and gaze out the window. I found myself not enjoying the experience, and that I liked simply being a passenger much more. So, was the dream smashed? Nope – it was clarified. I like flying – just not as the pilot.

Then there’s boating – it comes with its own stresses, but those are okay with me. It doesn’t damper my joy for boating and the water – I want to get better and grow. So, I work towards getting my captain’s license. Same with scuba diving – it has always been a dream, as I truly enjoy snorkeling. But dare I invest and take the time to pursue it?

None of these seem like big “spiritual” matters on the surface, but as we take them to God, let Him make that decision.

He works all things for good, for His children – even our dreams. For who knows where they lead and who they might get us to encounter? What new communities do we enter – new places – new people – new areas for His children to go? Why wouldn’t He give us desires and dreams that lead to others and to new places to share our testimonies?

I read once that the biggest regret people have on their deathbed is not pursing their dreams during their lifetime. They let their dreams sit like seeds in their pockets, and never plant them.

I don’t want to live that way, or die that way. Rather, I want to live a life of faith, and trust God completely with my life and to seek His guidance in all things – this includes my dreams.

Let Him make them what they will be and clarify them. That’s awesome! He leads us – and the dreams inside us may be those things that actually help propel us forward to new experiences and opportunities we could have never imagined.

May we dare to dream – but to do it in and by faith not by the flesh. Fleshly things fade away, but the things of faith build us, grow us, nourish our hopes, and help heal our wounded hearts.

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