Failings Of A Forward Life

Failing isn’t something we desire, or shoot for. Rather, we love winning, but failing will always be a part of life. It can’t be avoided no matter how hard we try.

Immaturity is the in-between stage of innocence and experience. As such, a maturing faith no longer fears failure. It doesn’t seek it, but when it comes, it also isn’t allowed to devastate us.

Rather, there is an understanding to the value derived from it. A lesson learned. Psalm 119:71 reminds us that in faith, our troubles turn out for the best as they force us to learn from God’s Word, and that His truth is more valuable than gold.

Failure isn’t fun – but it is a fabulous gift when we learn from it, trust God with it, and learn to not fear it.

Granted, our failures may risk human judgments, ridicules, and mockery – but stop and consider, just who those people are distributing all that negativity and shame. Why would we desire their fickle praise anyway? No matter who they are.

God is never like that. As we move out in faith and seek to be good stewards, He knows our heart, and if we fail, He isn’t dousing us in shame, ridicule, and blame. The enemy does that, and those who do the same aren’t sharing in God’s endless mercy, love, and grace.

When our faith is in God, we can remind ourselves of His love for us, and that it is never fickle. It is foundational and bedrock.

Failure teaches, redirects, and launches us into new directions of faith, hope and love. New adventures, new experiences, and new opportunities to lean into God, and not our own understanding.

Failure isn’t fun, but offers great opportunities to lean more into our faith, rather than our fears.

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