Pile Up

“We spend our lives making our pile ups and then leave them“. This translation of verse Psalm 39:6 seems to capture the futility of how so many of us choose to invest the limited days we have been given.

Running around piling up our stuff with things that never last, and rarely satisfy long term. Yet, we compare our piles with others and the bigger ones get applauded. “Your pile is bigger“, we say, and now, somehow we are less adequate – somehow less meaningful.

So, we determine to run about adding more to our pile. For what?

The psalmist advises us, as he has come to realize, the better days of this fleeting life should be spent not building piles of stuff, but on building piles of faith, hope, and love, and sharing these generously through the extravagance of God.

For the world is a huge stockpile of God’s wonders and God’s thoughts. His majesty and glory abound when we begin transitioning our eyes away from the world’s shiny objects and on to God’s bountiful blessings.

All the things of this world grow “strangely dim” in comparison to all He offers.

Granted, there is plenty of darkness and decay all around, but His light is there too. The goodness of God is there for those who look for it.

We have a choice – what will we look for, look to, and work for?

May we be wise enough to stop comparing and running after worldly piles, but refocus and embrace the abundant riches already provided to every believer. To generously live out our days carefree in faith – for as we are repeatedly reminded, God is truly “careful” with us.

Sadly, I must remind myself to this truth periodically for my eyes begin to wander at times – but ultimately, I realize when I find myself scurrying off to chase the empty treasures of the world, it is ultimately like trying to quench a thirst with sand.

Thankfully, my heart and soul know where the true thirst quenching waters flow. It is where the abundant life we seek has already been given – in Christ. So, look up – not down.

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