“Story” Sage

I pray all are keeping well and healthy. I am still amazed by the historic times we find ourselves in. No doubt, this global pandemic, or the Great Pause, as it’s being called by some, will be studied in history books. 

As I consider the profoundness of these days, my deep desire is to not miss the lessons that can be gleaned. Nothing goes to waste with God and something so simultaneously global offers plenty of opportunity to invite God to reveal deeper truths within ourselves – if we are willing to listen, slow down our minds, and embrace the “pause”. Beyond the news feeds and white noise what are we learning? 

For me, there is much being revealed, especially since slowing down can be challenging for me at times. As a “recovering workaholic”, being busy can often be misunderstood for meaningful.

Habitual drinking used to be a place of refuge for me. To help slow my mind – but of course, as I surrendered my life to Christ – that bondage didn’t remain. Then there was work – I could always bury myself there – but alas, that too was revealed as an unhealthy escape God released me from. 

Truly, so many addictions once fought for rulership in my life, and all under the guise of sedating the restless pace of my inner stirring – Christ has proved only He can quench this fully. 

Now, as we sit and await this pandemic to run its course – many of us are left with a new quietness.

As such, I am encouraged by and appreciate the quote above. Why? So often hospitality is narrowed from its larger context. For example, in a season of quarantine, is hospitality still possible? 

If hospitality is defined as proactively and graciously anticipating others needs in kindness, and with a genuine willingness to be generous – the good news is hospitality is far more expansive than we may have previously imagined it to be. 

This obviously begins in our home. As such, how hospitable have I been with my wife and kids? Also, if hospitality can be much more than serving food – how am I expressing it? As Eugene Peterson suggests, hospitality can also be expressed by sharing story. And as we know, story is powerful, as we see demonstrated throughout the Bible and the ministry of Jesus. 

So, as we explore new opportunities during this season. May we also discover new ways to share our story, testimony, hope & encouragement through the vulnerable power of hospitality. 

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