Ministry Without Mention – But Full Of Mission And Meaning

In the book of Acts 1 we meet two men, Justus and Matthias, who walked with Jesus throughout His ministry. As such, they were candidates to replace Judas, who threw away his leadership and ministry in order to go his own way.

God was asked to choose between the two men, and Matthias was the one chosen.

We don’t really hear much about either man after this – and that is what impacts me the most.

They never seem to receive the celebrity of the other disciples. Nor are they mentioned among the hall of faith. Instead, they represent the remnant of the faithful who serve without much notice – other than God’s.

Although it may not be wrong to aspire for higher positions for influence and platform, would we be as diligent if those things never came?

The clamor to become in a position of faith that is seen, applauded, and noticed, has an appeal, even to the saint, much like it does for the secular and Hollywood.

I am convicted to be wary of such temptation. To desire celebrity among the faithful as a mark of credibility, relevancy, or validity. And I pray for those in Christian leadership to not count their success by mere applause and congregant numbers.

If celebrity comes, so be it, but even more powerful is the testimony of the perseverant who serve quietly in the backgrounds. Who are known to be genuine and faithful, but like Justus and Matthias are rarely mentioned.

They are known for their love for Christ. And they are known by God, but few others may ever hear about them, read about them, or hear of them. Yet, they serve willingly, eagerly, faithfully, and without any regard for fanfare, or platitudes.

They don’t measure their success by measurement but by remaining faithful to their ministry and leadership assigned by God.

And then there are the faithful who are never even mentioned or known at all – except by God.

These workers perhaps inspire me the most. For they serve regardless – they serve because they are the hands and heart of Christ. They may never receive any notice, any mention, but they serve anyway.

This in no way takes away from those who have reached celebrity status in and outside the Bible – for they too inspire. But it does resurrect the question in a world of selfies, social followers, and potential monetary gain – to the authenticity of our ministry.

My God, how I pray for our aspirations to be purified, genuine and grounded in love – and that we live “all in” for Christ no matter what may, or may not come – and to live with Kingdom and eternal purposes that stretch beyond what can be seen and received in the here and now.

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