Where The Mountain Meets The Sea

Where the mountain meets the sea is a special place. It’s where earth is reshaped and the ocean changes course. It is a place of impact, of infringement, and of inspiration.

It is a powerful moment of abrasion that is also stunningly beautiful. As earth and rock plummet into the waters below, the scenery is reshaped and reformed, as earth and water unite.

To me, this imagery of both impact and magnificence is also the picture of marriage – or at least my own.

It’s something miraculous – something divinely dangerous – and at the same time, something life changing. It’s at one moment so beautiful without words of description and at the next, something that reshapes the soul. It can be relentless, and renewing all at the same time.

This is also true of my spirit. As God moves away my mountains of pride, insecurity, ego and vanity to reshape me into something new. Each wave of His impact is reshaping me and working to reveal my inner most being.

God is powerful, purifying and ever pursuing like the wave, and upon impact I am changed, and with it, so is with my marriage.

My union with my soul and my soulmate come together as God reveals His power, His goodness and His glory to heal, reveal, and reshape us individually, as well as our union together with Him and each other.

This is what I see as the power of the ocean crashes against the mighty mountain – the rhythmic, glorious, and magnificent hand of God upon my life, and my marriage.

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