A Lineage Known

Some are fortunate to know their family’s lineage. Even more exciting is when they discover they are related to someone famous, or of former importance, and/or impact.

There are even more though who may have no one of historical relevancy, other than being mere names on paper, or faded photos.

Then, there are others, who have no knowledge what-so-ever about where they’re from, or who their family was.

Watching the Disney film Moana, which is one of my favorite movies, tells the story of a young girl who rediscovers who she is and who her people were. It also tells how the heart impacts us all. When it is hurt, hardened, and harmed, we are impacted for the worse, as are those around us. But when it is healed, restoration and new life emerges.

Great story, and for me, great symbolism to my faith.

I may not know my blood line and family lineage, but I do know my spiritual family’s lineage. These are my people and every believer’s people. It is also the story of heart, and how once hardened and harmed hearts were healed and what these restored hearts do and become.

We, as Christians, are part of a courageous family. A family of adventurers, and many common folk who did uncommon things. We are also among princes, paupers, explorers and tent makers. We are a family from every tribe and every nation, and our Father is the master Healer and Restorer. We are a humble people who have multiple struggles, and various doubts, yet we always overcome through faith.

Our Father is good, He is loving, He is faithful, and He is our biggest fan. He is for us, not against us, and He lives!

I am inspired by this family legacy and it helps define my identity – who I am, because of Who’s I am.

Being part of God’s family is not always easy, but it is rich in history, value, importance, and impact. It is made up of imperfect people – but at the same time, people who desire to do good. Desire for life. Desire for love. Desire for God, and desire for healing.

Many of us may not know, or have famous blood lines, but those who know God, know their history, and this spiritual lineage of our ancestors helps fuel our hope and cement our knowing of who we are because of Who’s we are.

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