For many, social distancing has created a deeper desire for social connection.  I know that I can’t help but miss fellowshipping with my beautifully broken brothers and sisters in Christ during this historic season of social separation. 

Yet, though apart, I carry so many in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers – like never before.
Indeed, we are imperfect, but it’s in being invited, as believers in fellowship, to have the indescribable privilege of seeing each other’s imperfections and the beautiful vulnerability and courage that requires is what makes it all so amazing.  
This sharing of such sincerity and authenticity shines a beacon on the inward beauty of every person with an even greater intensity.

The honor to receive such a precious gift breaks my heart to a point of practically uncontrollable respect for these loving souls – I simply can’t help it. I am compelled, intrigued, and magnitized in way that only the body of Christ can understand. For we are ONE in Him. 
My song throughout these days comes with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face as I praise our Lord, and His overwhelming goodness – and it is in expectant hope, I pray all are doing well, all are safe, and all are sharing new and imaginative moments together during these days of forced separation.
Truly, I too, as I know many others do, look forward to the time we will once more be gathered together, but I remain thankful that though apart, we are still united in spirit by ONE love.

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