Pre-Plan For The Wild Rides Of Life

These are undoubtedly unprecedented times and in this season, uncertainties will naturally arise, and along with that, anxiety, fears, and concerns can often follow.

And rightly so. For none of us can know the future, but we can prepare a plan ahead of time which helps bring peace of mind. 

There will always be a measure of risk in life, but with risk, there is also opportunity, and the best way to mitigate risk is to do the hard work of inviting conversations around what matters most. 

It’s important to consider every person’s risk tolerance, along with our dreams and desires, in order to construct a strategy that helps to protect, and pursue our goals.
As such, involve those closest to you, as you meet with trusted advisors to sit alongside you, and to help collaborate around developing a customized and comprehensive plan that’s unique to your situation and needs.
In the end, good planning not only helps provide peace during turbulent and uncertain times, but it also provides a road map to help us get to where we aspire to be. 
We can’t afford to spend money like the good days are going to last forever. For just like the ocean tides, the seasonality of monetary inflows and outflows will always exist.
Therefore, ideally, having a consistent savings plan, outside of retirement accounts, in preparation for emergencies, of at least 10 percent of our monthly income; a giving plan of at least 10 percent of our income; a spending plan, which is basically a monthly budget; and an estate plan, which includes an updated will and/or trust, helps to best navigate the wild rides of life.
This may sound difficult at first, but if we break it down by one dollar, it’s basically, saving 10 cents, being charitable with 10 cents, and keeping 80 cents to spend wisely. This is a simple habit most can do, it just seems harder when the numbers get bigger.
Lastly, good planning helps to maximize much more than our money, it supports our peace of mind, our dreams, and the various legacies we aspire for.

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