Sensitivity To Others

Clearly there are various reactions and opinions to the recent situation we are facing with COVID-19, and a lot of disruption and distraction. 
However, a good rule of thumb no matter what position we may hold, is to always be sensitive and gracious to others and their feelings. 
As such, in business, or any other organized congregation, this may entail keeping our in person meetings at a minimum, or if unavoidable, keeping the recommended distancing of 6 feet. There’s also other alternatives such as video and audio conferencing, and even simply rescheduling.
Just like we would offer any guest in our home options, it’s always a good service to do the same at our places of business.
This reflects our care and concern for others, and allows us to be supportive to their needs and wishes.
I don’t like not being able to meet – I realize just how congregational I am. I’m not one to crave crowds, but I’m also not one who solely gets their energy in isolation.
This current situation reminds me of that – we need each other. Especially during distancing times like these. We have the need not only for self care, but we have a great opportunity to care for the needs of others as well.

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