The Success Of Significance

Success is reaching a position – and the pinnacle of this position is when our passions shift from merely helping ourselves to helping others – because if success is winning, helping others win is even more compounding. 

John Maxwell has said, “success is about us. Significance is about others”. Even Oprah has been quoted as stating, “don’t worry about being successful, but work toward being significant and the success will follow”.

Often times we aspire for the wrong thing only to find once we obtain what we thought would satisfy, we realize we remain restless and anxious for even more.

The Message translation of Matthew 6:31 guides us this way – “Relax. Don’t so preoccupied with getting so that you can respond to God’s giving”.

Clearly, God is a giving Father, and when we respond to His generosity by being generous to others with our time, talent, treasures, and testimonies, we reap a harvest of significance that fulfills the deepest desires for success.

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