5 Star

The most important thing is not “what” we do, but “why” we do it.

Granted, we work because we need money,  but just making money can be done in a lot of ways. So, why this, and why here? 

1. Know why you “choose” to be here and why you “choose” to do what you do, and not just for the money. If you don’t know why – honestly, life is too short and precious to continue running on that hamster wheel. Killing time and giving your life just for money will only leave us empty inside.

2. Always strive to look your best, to give your best, and to find the best in others. When we dress well studies show we perform better. So, dress well, and give all, in all we attempt to do. Then, look for the best in others too – not just at their faults. We all have them. So, gossiping and criticizing is really just a display of our own insecurities. Truly confident people don’t invest their time tearing down others, but in building them up. 

3. Where our passion meets a problem we find purpose. We all have less than thrilling days, but when we are in tune with why we choose to do what we do and focus on our strengths to be problem solvers, the peace & satisfaction that comes from that purpose keeps us from the restless ways of always chasing, complaining, criticizing, and comparing. 

4. Get creative, remain coachable, control what you can, and keep contributing.We can’t control every situation, but we also don’t have to cash out, cop out, check out, or lay out, and go dormant in what we do and try. Instead, make a plan and create a process based around the things within our control in order to keep contributing to the overall purpose. This helps keep us from going into a frantic, panic mode and continue to work the process while being open to sincere feedback to help ensure we’re not operating with self imposed blinders.

Let’s have some fun making a difference, and take some time to reflect on why we do what we do – and then get creative on how to get better at doing it. 

No one’s a 5 Star at everything – but we can be honest about our contributions and efforts and always stretching for better.

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