Hope Slingers

Life is short, can be very challenging, is often unfair, and no one gets out alive. Sounds depressing.

Yet, hope is a powerful force for those who choose to apply it.

Hope is a confident assurance and expectation of things to come. As Christians, our hope is grounded in the Word of God and all His promises. We are told in this life we will have problems, but to have peace, because Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33).

Now, we can either choose to believe this or not – along with all His other promises.

Truly, if God, the Creator of all the universe, tells us He can do something, it’s not a far stretch to believe Him. The problem is, the difficulties we see all around can distract us, and our inner fears and insecurities can get the best of us.

This is why we must pray continuously, and walk in our faith and not by merely our sight. Granted, this is something a lot easier said than done at times for sure.

Thus, we must set our minds to walk in faith and choose to believe what our Father tells us rather than what we may see and fear.

As such, our hope springs forth, and we are better able to help others without any hope at all. We hope because we believe our Father. We know His truth and choose to trust Him no matter what.

So, may one of our greatest pleasures in life always be that of being among the most generous slingers of hope we know – And as we give it, one of hopes great benefits is it has a unique way of slinging right back to us as well!

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