Meaning More Than Money

Is making money your primary motivation? It was once definitely true for me.

The rub is – how much will be enough? And at what cost?

Dolly Parton is quoted as saying, “don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”.

I’m sure she has some familiarity with that struggle for sure. Many of us have and do.

Today, “meaning” matters much more than money. For when our passion meets a problem, a purpose is propelled.

As followers of Christ, everything we do matters and can point others to Him. How we approach work and money definitely emphasizes this point. For if money has our hearts – how can God?

However, when money is no longer the primary motivator and goal, we are freed to find meaning beyond payment, which leads us deeper into our purpose of “glorifying God and enjoying Him forever” – and this, empowers us to experience a life with meaning beyond anything money can buy.

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