Change Agents

I get the unique opportunity to hear and field complaints, and critiques at work just about every day.
Granted, at first blush this may seem like a miserable existence, and there are definitely energy draining days for sure, but this gift to hear from people throughout our company has actually served to inspire and encourage me in the long run. 
Here’s why and why I wanted to share – this has created an awareness to a principal I have always heard, but seeing it played out has solidified the truth for me. 
It’s this simple – “control what you can, and create positive change through contribution, not complaint”.
So many of us strive each day to keep moving forward, because we care, but the ones that advance the ball, possess the most peace, success, recognition, and progress aren’t the complainers. 
The change agents are the ones who simply control what they can, when they can, and as a result, despite the challenges, they seem to always come out on top and help others rise in the process. 
May we all aspire be among these change agents – thankfully, they are all around us, and hold various positions in our communities, churches, and companies. They are champions and the great gift is having the opportunity to encounter these folks every day too.

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