Word Choice

Much has been suggested at the start of this new year to identify a word that can define your year.

Rather than a list of resolutions, what word best captures what you hope to simplify your energies around?

As I woke New Year’s Day, the song “The Goodness of God” was playing in my mind. I literally woke up to the words being repeated over and over, that “all my life God has been faithful. That all my life, He’s been so so good”.

Now, that seems like a hard statement to claim if some extremely hard things came your way in life, but knowing God is good and His goodness chases us, helps us realize that even though hardships and pain are present, God is faithful to never waist any pain.

Instead, in His loving hands, He can use pain to shape our purpose, fuel our passion, and grow our faith.

With that being said, the word that came to mind as I sang the song this New Year’s Day, was “Gratitude”.

My hope for this new year is to live with a spirit of gratitude – in all circumstances (1 Thes 5:18).

No matter what highs and lows, successes and failures, pains and joys this year holds, I pray my spirit of gratitude and deep appreciation for God’s love, care and goodness surrounds my heart.

As gratitude overflows, we discover that fear is replaced with confidence, greed is replaced with generosity, and anxiety is replaced with peace.

Knowing without a doubt that God is good – always good, helps us remain thankful amidst the mishaps, messes and monotony of life. It helps us endure, because we know God is for us, not against us; and with gratitude we regain a powerful perspective that helps us engage all the obstacles and opportunities that may come our way.

I pray to choose gratitude – to take nothing for granted and to appreciate and trust God no matter what my circumstances may be this year. For He is a good good Father and can be trusted no matter what.

Each member of my family also chose their own word and for their own reasons – and no matter what your word may be, I pray the Lord may bless you and keep you. That His face shines upon you and He is gracious to you. May His countenance be upon you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26).

Happy New Year!

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