Baptized In Muddy Water

The power of God is such that though the water may be muddy and the man in the robe may be imperfect, God’s grace is greater still. He doesn’t require perfect hands, but willing ones.

And amidst a land of hungry wolves, eager to prowl, mar and scar, God keeps the souls of His beloved safe and secure.

Imperfect land, full of imperfect people, but with a perfect Savior, we can rest secure that even though the water may be muddy, it is symbolic of our soul’s cleansing and rescue made possible through faith.

Made new as we make our pilgrimage through this world as sojourners sharing His truth and hope with others enslaved by fears, doubts, darkness, and pain.

May we dare to venture out into the wilderness of this world through our front doors uninhibited by our own calloused hands as we care for the lost and broken as we once were.

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