“Humbition” is known in leadership circles as one part humility mixed with one part ambition. It is seemingly a rare, yet coveted leadership trait that typically excels more than any other.

It is authentic, transparent, honest, ambitious, sincere, and motivational. It seeks for, and inspires the best out of people, and puts the focus on others rather than self.

It’s rare though because often times leaders feel vulnerable and weak if seen as humble. For risk of not being seemingly “ambitious” enough.

Yet this is far from true for one of the most ambitious people to ever walk this earth while remaining extremely humble is Jesus Christ.

He exemplifies Humbition. He is so ambitious that He desires all may come to a saving faith, while so humble as to love and care for all, even those who hate and despise Him.

How can we be such leaders? Not by, or in our own strength and power, but His.

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