Neon Gods

Manufactured, manipulated, magnified, and mastered by man – we create “sacred cows” to worship and pursue. Sadly, often without even knowing we are doing it.

Whether it be an over obsession of a sport, hobby, job, artistic endeavor, or relationship we believe we can’t live without it. We construct idols of passion in a desperate attempt to ease our hunger pains, created by our lust for more. More pleasure, more escape from pain, and simply more for the sake of collecting piles of worldly treasure in an attempt to provide ourselves with a temporary sedative of accomplishment.

The endless scurry is the heart’s cry for fulfillment – yet as hard as we try to return to Eden, we remain far from it – but not without hope.

For with Jesus Christ- we know we will once again return and be restored to the abundance and overflow only He can provide. The living water promised is realized.

The promise of heaven and the passion of Christ reminds us that this decaying world is not all there is to life. There is much more – the more we innately desire, and God’s abundance is fulfilling and final.

This “living water” quenches our souls and we no longer crave, or scramble to the cheap substitutes, because with Christ, we now know the difference.

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