Subway Prophets

We speak, but no one is there to listen. We write songs, but there are no voices to sing. We dare to give, but no one is there to share. We gain religion, but no relationship is known. We serve, but no surrender is dared. We love, but with no sacrifice to offer.

As a result, the strangulation of our isolation causes us to race towards the slightest and cheapest substitute of pleasure. We dare to deaden the pain and numb the sensations of rejection that surrounds us. We scream in silence.

The soul yearns and craves for authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, and honesty, but dare not give it. We await for some one to make the first move – and so enters Jesus Christ. The boldest, and bravest of all. The embodiment of love. He comes for us all – to give, not to take. To heal – not to hurt. To quench our thirst and give us life of abundance – not to steal, kill, or destroy.

The world abounds with hardships and advisories, but God has overcome and helps the broken mend. He uses the least of these and in our weakness, He is made strong and He allows us to mount up like on eagles wings and be vessels of light and truth to a decaying and dark world.

May it be so. Prophets of love – speaking a common language to common people, but with and in the power of an uncommon Christ.

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