Gut Check

It’s often asked if good leaders are made, or born – and time and time again, the evidence shows they are repentant and authentic in their need to always improve.  
Repentant in that they learn from their mistakes, and those made by others, and as such, they choose another way – a better way to lead.
This authenticity and honesty with themselves empowers them to understand their shortcomings, insecurities, and flaws, and rather than try to hide them, or deny them, they choose to deal with them directly, address them, and sincerely work to improve themselves, and serve as examples to others.
With this in mind, the following questions and self assessment provides us with a good leadership gut check: 
1. How solid do our morals and integrity reflect in private, as well as in public? 
2. How self directed and proactive in our activities are we, or are we always needing to be prodded?
3. How collaborative, unifying, and teaming are we with others, or are we distracted by comparing, feeling entitled, self promoting, judging, gossiping, and condemning? 
4. How sincere, yet honest in holding ourselves and others accountable are we?  
All good questions for any of us to consider. Further research recently released shows the top 5 themes for highly effective leaders show they consistently possess strong ethics, are self organizing, efficient learners, nurture growth, and are unifying, rather than divisive.
Not surprisingly, the Bible reinforces these leadership attributes and has done so for thousands of years.
The challenge for believers remains, it’s not merely about us knowing these truths that makes a difference, but in applying them amidst the struggles of everyday life.
To do this, tests our faith. For living by faith and not by sight in the midst of everyday life is where the rubber hits the road for Christ followers. It’s where our actions do the talking, and we get to become witnesses to a watching world and hope to what a great God can do through the willing, broken and available.

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