A Career Building Character

We all have past experiences, failures, and successes, but when we first meet anyone –  none of that matters. For they, and we, form our impressions from the patterns we see today. 
This is convicting, for if we care, it should cause us to consider what we are teaching others about our faith, work ethic, integrity, stewardship, sincerity, honesty, authenticity, and competency – today.
Entitlement based on past experiences is a dangerous thing, especially when reputations are built and destroyed each day.  
How long we remain at a place doesn’t really matter as much as the value we decide to bring to the place and to the people where we are today that reflects character and shapes reputations. 
As such, today is a great opportunity to begin striving and aspiring to give the best of us, the kindest of us, the sincerest of us, the hardest working of us, and the most generous of us. For the guarded, selfish, entitled, divisive, greedy, and bitter us rarely begets anyone any good. 

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