Soul Dust

Ever feel dusty? Maybe like an old book that has been lying around gathering dust. That’s until we pick it back up, blow it off, and re-experience the bounty trapped within.

For me, there’s something about the ocean, sand, salt, sun, and surf that serve to renew and get the dust off. It reignites my imagination, my play, and my awestruck praise for the splendor and overwhelming creativity of my Lord.

As I’m there, meditating on His bountiful love to create such beauty for us to enjoy, and reading His Word, I am reminded to the powerful truth that the Creator of all heaven and earth loves me and created me to be loved by Him.

This refreshment far surpasses any physical pleasure, but reaches deep within to quench a thirst only His Spirit can satisfy and offer.

I am refreshed, renewed, and re-inspired with youthful vigor to live out my calling.

Upon my return, the world and all its distractions quickly begin to infiltrate my days, and although the ocean is far behind, His Word and presence is ever near. It’s then, as I read His love letter to me, to us all, and close my eyes in prayer, my soul is again dusted clean. For He is always faithful, always good, and always near to those who seek Him.

Such soul dusting is available to us all and at any time – and we don’t need the beach. For only God can accomplish such cleaning, and nothing on this planet can match it.

No escape, no substance, no material possession, and no physical pleasure – only God.

Thankfully, the beauty of nature is an added bonus He gives us all to enjoy.

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