Good Business

At the heart of business is a business’ heart. Profits are necessary to move forward, but a business’ primary objective shouldn’t simply be to make money, but to make a positive impact by providing a service both people and a community can benefit from.

As a result, this makes a business invaluable beyond its profits, and empowers it to grow. This growth results in the ability to hire more people, which in turn stimulates employment within a community while at the same time expanding the business’ capabilities to do even more good.

At its core, good business, or in my opinion, “social conscience capitalism”, is one of the greatest opportunities we can leverage to directly impact the greater good – if the heart of the business is socially conscious. And this of course, is up to the leadership, the people hired, and the purpose inspired.

May we always seek to be both purveyors and supporters of those businesses and leaders that strive to benefit others through compassion, service, and care, rather than merely a profit at any cost.

Examples to these types of business are everywhere, and the impact they are making is noticed worldwide. As is their successful growth, as consumers both experience and appreciate the difference.

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