Slowing Down To Hurry Up

We can all tend to get in such a hurry, running from one meeting to the next, and keeping ourselves occupied with a flurry of activity.

Ironically enough, this some how seems to be a badge of honor. For we falsely assume it shows how important, in-demand, invaluable, and wanted we are. So, we keep in a constant pace of activity to help perhaps fuel our egos a bit more.

Yet, in reality, staying in such a state of hurry ultimately deprives and shortchanges those we engage with. For they never truly get us in “unhurried” time. They get instead the in and out versions of ourselves.

This in some way protects us from ever truly getting too close to others, or allowing them to get too close to us. It keeps all parties at a safe distance while allowing us to somewhat still “be involved”. So, our conscience stays clear while our egos get fed.

However, is this truly the best way to engage life and others? Is it really being sacrificial, or is it just another form of selfishness in disguise?

I see this tendency to fill our calendars and time with hurry in myself, in the church, in the family, in schools, on vacations, and obviously in the workplace.

Hurry is everywhere, but as we know, we rarely see Jesus in a hurry. His time is relaxed, unhurried, and relational.

He invested His time in prayer, and with others. He was comfortable slowing down and not rushing to one meeting to another. He invested and used His time wisely – and so should we.

When we get in a hurry, we also increase our chances in making mistakes – which we then have to fix and this ultimately slows us down anyway.

I heard a master chef instruct their sous chefs one time to “slow down to hurry up”. Meaning, slowing down in the kitchen will actually help them be more efficient and effective, by reducing mistakes and increasing proper preparations.

Same is true for us. May we be wise enough to slow down as well, remembering it not only helps us accomplish more, by limiting errors, but more importantly, it enables us to build more meaningful and impactful relationships with others, our Lord, and creates the space to truly engage and enjoy this gift of life we have been given.

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