“Good Grief”

It’s strange how brokenness and sorrow can lead to peace and joy.

Yet, when we come to the end of our rope and feel as though we have lost everything, it seems as if it’s then, we can truly see what matters most.

This has definitely proved true for me as two of the most deepest moments of despair in my life were also the most meaningful.

Sorrow somehow serves to break our blinders and the barriers blockading our heart’s deepest hunger and desire.

As our brokenness deepens, our realization to the hopelessness and depravity all around us intensifies, which serves to point us to the only hope there is – Jesus Christ.

It is during these valleys we crawl to the cross and openly pour out our hearts in complete vulnerability for His rescue – and of course, He does.

He begins to provide the comfort only He can, and we are given sight through tear filled eyes to a clarity we have never known before. We come to know our desperate need for a Savior, and that His way is the best way. His love is the purest love, and His truth is the way to absolute freedom, and the abundant living we all long for.

And as He rescues our life, He also refocuses our priorities, our perspectives, and reveals our true purpose – primarily, to be loved by Him.

It is through His love, we learn to truly love ourselves, and others – and this creates “witnesses” to His good news. This creates the salt and the light that makes us fishers of men – because life is no longer about us, but Christ in us, and through us.

This is abundant living – this is the joy and peace that surpasses all understanding, and this is why it is the broken, the mourning, and the meek, that experience such deep blessings.

Yet, this is also why it can be so difficult – for we don’t like pain, in fact we innately want to avoid it, and we definitely don’t like dying to self – so our flesh and the world tempt to pull us away from these truths.

However, God is greater still and as we “take up our cross daily” our boldness to being broken, humbled, and meek renews as we come to boast in our weakness, for this is when His power is made perfect, and we are made strongest.

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