Rose Colored Glasses

We often don’t think of being broken as a good thing, but actually brokenness often leads to our greatest breakthrough.

Kintsugi is a type of art that intentionally breaks perfectly good works of pottery into pieces and then works to gently repair and put it all back together with gold. This process not only makes the pottery more unique, and more beautiful, but also more valuable. This is also a perfect illustration to how our brokenness in God’s care transforms our value as His children.

However, pride, insecurity, self-centeredness, sin, and countless other things can often hinder us from wanting to be broken. For we see this as weakness rather than strength, but Jesus clearly teaches that blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3) and in Psalm 51:17 we are encouraged by being told the sacrifices God desires are a broken spirit.

So why is brokenness such a precious condition to God? Because when we are broken, there is less of us and more of Him.

We remove our “rose colored glasses” and see things as they truly are. We realize we aren’t in control, that the world doesn’t revolve around us, that life is hard, life is not fair, and we stop trying to escape to a place of our creation and control, and begin turning to and trusting instead in God for the abundant life we so desperately desire.

We also become more teachable. For we understand to truly be disciples we must always be learners. This is because in all aspects of life, the best teachers and leaders are always continuous learners. Therefore, we begin seeking God and His guidance more than relying on our own feelings and limited logic.

Finally, brokenness means we are reliant, and dependent on God rather than our own cleverness and resourcefulness. We no longer look to our careers, money, possessions, and other “things” to satisfy our sense of security, but to God. We understand He is the source of all things and what we have been given are merely resources to be stewarded.

In closing, there is indeed much blessing and breakthrough for the broken. For we begin seeing with clarity our own depravity and desperate need for a Savior – and it is this position of the heart that is most open and welcoming to the healing, love, and purposes of Christ. May we always so welcome such beautiful brokenness.

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