Feeling Like A Square Peg In A Round Hole

Ever feel like a you’re a square peg in a round hole? Like you just don’t seem to fit? I have and still do from time to time. This can happen at work, home, church, and social events. But why does this happen?

Our need for control and the lack of it is definitely one example – because the situations we tend to find most awkward are those we lack any sense of control. We may feel out of place, awkward, and not quite sure what is expected of us.

Another example is if we tend to be perfectionists. If so, when things just aren’t going our way, or in the way we think they should, we can begin feeling out of place.

Then of course, our feelings of insecurity can always keep us from feeling comfortable no matter what the situation may be.

None the less, our desires to feel like we make positive contributions, are valued, and appreciated, are basic human emotions.

So, when we don’t receive these things we can feel out of place. If our home is in chaos, work isn’t going as well as we hoped, and/or we have conflicts with others at church, all these things can feel out of place, not ideal, and create a sense of anxiousness.

This feeling of dysfunction can cause us to jump from place to place. For if we leave the situation, we believe we can protect and keep ourselves free from “rejection”.

In reality, there really is no “round hole” – for everyone is different and although some may be able to “fit it” better than others, we all have times when we feel out of place, like we don’t belong, and awkward.

In the end, we can reclaim some peace by remembering we were all created with differences – and we all struggle with feelings of being out of place at times. Yet, God creates us all with unique characteristics.

If we can stop trying to please the crowd, and trust God for where He has us, rely on His strength, and to glorify Him, over self, we can begin to ease the restlessness we might feel inside to run, and remain serving where He has us in faith.

As we do, we discover the unique beauty that can come from serving in faith in one place over a long period of time, and by trusting Him at deeper levels – differences and all.

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