Limited sunsets

We each get a limited number of sunsets during our lifetime, and to be honest, I have let far too many pass me by.

However, when we’re on vacation at the beach, it’s fascinating to watch so many gather together at the shore with their friends and loved ones to watch the sun sink into the ocean’s horizon.

The sky lights up with vibrant color and the sound of waves crashing against the shore mixes with the smiling laughters being shared by others in nearby conversations.

To spend this time with loved ones is precious – although seeing them alone is peaceful, another layer of inspiration is added when those we love are close by.

Our days can often seem mundane, rushed, and stressed, but during these peaceful sunsets, all seems right in the world, if even for a brief time.

It stirs within me youthful dreams of endless possibilities, and renews my appreciation and inspiration for life. To engage each day with a sense of adventure, joy, appreciation, inspiration, and hope.

God gives us all a limited number of days and sunsets to engage. May we always aspire to do so well, with purpose, and in faith.

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