Enjoy Life – We Only Get One

If I’m completely honest, I haven’t always understood, or knew how to enjoy life to the fullest. Mainly because for so long, I thought life was about accumulation and promotion. I also saw all the cruelty, pain, and suffering in the world and thought, what’s good about all this?

To escape from the harsh reality of it all, I decided to live the corporate hustle. To break through and break out – and to try and dull the pain I felt within and saw all around.

However, the higher I climbed and the more “high climbers” I met, I realized this wasn’t what a meaningful life was all about.

In time, I have slowly begun to understand life isn’t about escapism and mere accumulation, but that living well is about a realization.

An awareness that everything on this planet is dying. Nothing lasts. No matter how much we have, or things cost, nothing material lasts. This may seem depressing, but it’s actually inspiring. For if we know everything is temporal and fading, don’t we want to enjoy every moment and every second we have?

True – we should work and responsibly earn money, those are good and healthy things, but they should not be our primary motivations. For money is simply a tool and resource to help us propel initiatives, and meet obligations like supporting our family, sustaining needs, and contributing to causes we believe in.

Enjoying life for me has become more about enjoying God. Like the Westminster Catechism says, the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Interestingly, the more I seek and know God, the more I trust and love Him, and as a result, the more I enjoy life and others.

Ultimately, my dream is to provide a legacy of faith, hope, and love that spans for generations. This begins in a home that is filled with faith, hope, and love. If we can do this, even as imperfect people, we give our children something money never can.

We encourage and demonstrate to them what it looks like to trust God, enjoy Him, and enjoy the life we have been given – and to not to live merely for accumulation, but for contribution.

I have tasted and seen, that living a life for God is living a life of boundless adventure and exploration. It is fun, exciting, sometimes scary, but always rewarding. Especially, when we know we can trust Him to have our best interests always at heart, even when we don’t fully understand our current circumstances.

To let go and trust God, to me, means learning to “let go” of the fear and worries that keep me down and bound to safe harbors.

Like a boat is meant to sail – so are we. Staying at port fosters barnacles and doesn’t allow full potentials to be realized.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we will go all over the world – we might, but maybe we just get out of our comfort zones a little more and before long, we find we are sailing farther than we ever had, sharing our faith more than we ever imagined we could, and enjoying a life of passion on adventure with God.

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