When Everything Is Nothing

We recently visited some beautiful places on vacation as a family, and I couldn’t help but think of Mark 8:36 that reminds us that even if we gained the whole world it would all be worthless if we had to forfeit our soul to get it. Yet, so many of us fall into the trap of chasing all the world has to offer and losing ourselves in the process.

I recall a time I routinely got to fly first class, get picked up in limos, and stay at 5 star resorts, but I was all alone. I was on business travel a lot, and away from home a lot, and so I would send pictures of the cool places I was to my family back home. Yet, I longed to be with them. All of the stuff was nice but it still left me feeling empty because I had no one to share it with.

Barry Gibb of the famed Bee Gees once wrote, “everything is nothing if you got no one”. So true.

Let’s not get so busy chasing things or even our dreams if that means our faith and family go up for sale. We can’t lose sight of what really matters in life. For we might look back and see we traded the most precious gifts we were ever given for fools gold.

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