Road Trip Worship

I love the moments my family gets to steal time away together on our family vacations, or as I call them, our family adventures.

We plan all year where we will trek to and then set out to explore God’s glorious creation together.

I’d like to say every second of every day during our time away is filled with laughter, peace, gentleness, love, and kindness, but anyone who has traveled knows adventure always comes with its challenges.

There are moments of discord to be sure, but despite those periodic interruptions, memories are being made. Memories of our travel together – and interestingly, it’s the good moments that seem to last in our hearts and minds, not the bad.

And this is why we do it – we put away gadgets and get outside. For us, it’s largely coastal areas we like to frequent. We get in the water, play, talk, and before long, our two teenage kids begin to play together, once again, like they did when they were young. This of course is a wonderful gift to my wife and I, and as we make our way home again, we are all a “good” tired.

The kids are wiped out and sleeping in the back, my wife is asleep upfront, and I drive listening to sweet music and reflecting on the sweet memories God’s grace allowed us to enjoy.

I truly know God smiles when He sees His children at play in His creation and enjoying one another and Him (Psalm 118:24 & James 1:17). It warms His heart like it does any Father. So, these times are more than vacations – they are a praise and worship experience for us and that makes the moments even sweeter!

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