Time Goes By Fast – Remember To Live and Love

I was recently able to take some time with my spouse, without our kids, to one of our favorite beaches. The sky was clear, the water was warm and blue, and the sun was bright. We walked, talked, biked, swam, and just played together. We became childlike as we paddle boarded and kayaked in the water, and laughed as we toppled over in the waves.

We enjoyed the time and it was very much a season of praise and workshop. For I was reminded continuously of Ecclesiastes 9:9 that says, Life is short, and you love your wife, so enjoy being with her. This is what you are supposed to do as you struggle through life on this earth.

Clearly, we have many struggles, hardships, losses, and toils in this world. Yet, at the same time, God’s grace, mercy, and love is so good that He enjoys and cherishes seeing His children at play. Just as any parent would, He loves seeing His sons and daughters sharing love, laughter, and life amidst His beautiful creation. He enjoys this probably more than we do. For He is a good Father.

So, even though these moments may be brief at times, time is ultimately short, and may we never forget to simply enjoy the favor and blessings of God as we can.

May we stoke and rekindle the flames of love in our life and take time to “smell the roses” as we attempt to absorb all the wonders of His beautiful creation.

From sunsets to sunrises, mountain peaks, and waterfronts, or simply watching and listening to the songs of morning birdsMay we remember, amidst the rubble, there is purpose, value, and goodness in enjoying our God and remembering His goodness as we share in His care with those we love and hold most dear.

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