Caring To Differ Well

Our society and culture seems to breed conflict. At an early age we play “king of the mountain” and learn to fight and claw our way to the top by pushing others down along the way.

And in the name of competition, some see sport as an opportunity to fight against opponents as if they were mortal enemies as they stir up anger against one another and sideline fans clamor to join the fight.

As an example to the extremes some take, I recently read an article that talked about an argument that had escalated to a physical level based upon whether Chevy, or Ford was the better truck.

I have heard this described as a “tribal” mentality. In other words, one group opposes another and fight to the death. For differing views are not allowed. It’s a one way, or no way kind of thinking.

Yet, there is also what is described as a “communal” way. This means we can differ, but our differences and diversity don’t have to damage us. We may disagree, but we don’t have to seek to destroy.

This isn’t easy to do, but it is possible. Yet, the harsh reality is we often don’t want to make peace – sin likes the war, promotes the divisions and enjoys the resulting destruction.

Ultimately, we may disagree, but we don’t have to hate. Through Jesus there is hope, and He makes it possible to love without compromise to our convictions, and to still care enough for others that we learn to differ well without an intent to harm.

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