God creates us with a purpose, gifts us for a purpose, and calls us to the purpose.

I know I can forget this at times though. I get distracted by problems, needs, and desires. Yet, when I keep my eyes on God and remember, He has a purpose and the power to fulfill this purpose, I can place all my trust in Him.

Psalm 71 says blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord. Why is He blessed? Because he knows he doesn’t have to fix the world all by himself and that he’s not by himself. God is his Provider, and his Protector, and God can be trusted.

This helps me in my long term engagement with family, community, church, and career. For I know it’s not all up to me and right now.

God is working in and through all situations. He wants us to trust Him day by day, and obey Him because we love Him – and as a result, we grow in our patience, and in our capacity to love what He loves and learn to want what He wants.

This is the power of perseverance, and finishing the race well. It’s not wavering to the left, or right for immediate gratification because we might miss out, but rather knowing this time and place isn’t all there is.

Life is much bigger than my here and now – and with God, we get to participate in His eternal plan. This longevity helps us to fully experience our present moments rather than trying to control them, rush them, get through them, or change them, which ultimately causes us to miss them.

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