Amidst The Rubble

Once we are saved by Jesus Christ, we receive new life. A transformation of the heart, mind and soul begins to take place. The people, places, and pleasures that once entranced our attentions begin to fade, and new desires slowly arise, as if they are clearing from the fog that once clouded our heart.

Yet, with this new birth, new sight, and new way of life, we realize something is still wrong – very wrong. We find we are standing amidst the rubble of a fallen world, and the broken pieces of life surround us. There is no escaping the pain, and sorrow of such decay and destruction. We can’t run from it, hide from it, avoid it, or ignore it, and in many ways it’s more apparent than it’s ever been. The carnage of sin is all around and all our senses our now attune.

With our new eyes, we see more and know more and though much of it is good, we also see the brokenness of sin and the damage it causes. We try to shake it and perhaps run to the places and things where we once found escape, but they no longer have any power over us and are void of the numbness they once provided.

The stench of such decay of this fallen world fills our nostrils and pains our soul. We are now consumed with care and compassion like never before and as a result, a hunger to save as many as we can from such wreckage begins to stir.

However, we soon realize this is not possible in our own power. We are simply as one beggar to another, attempting to show others where we found provision, protection, passion, purpose, and life.

We come to understand that as believers in Jesus Christ, we are left in the brokenness of this world for a purpose, and with our former blinders lifted, our senses are in full bloom and there is no longer time to play with our selfish ambitions.

There is more important work to be done – a new holy ambition prevails and with our passions renewed, and repurposed, our motivations are purified to serve as a light in this dark world.

As such, our Spirit rejoices as the abundant life promised begins to overflow as the power and love of Jesus Christ works to break the chains of deception setting us and other former captives free.

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