Don’t Crumble From A Fumble

We all make missteps and mistakes – that’s a part of being human, but it’s how we recover from those mistakes and continue to move forward that shapes our character for better or worse.

In the business world I have personally seen people crumble from their mistakes. Whether it’s corrective feedback they received, or mistakes they made, their fumble ends up crippling them, and as a result, their entire demeanor changes. They slump, pout, and eventually fade out.

However, there are others who, although may not like the feedback, or fumble, they adapt to it, learn from it, and improve because of it.

These are champions, and these folks typically succeed in most any environment.

Most people celebrated, Tiger Woods recent comeback victory at the Masters, because he refused to quit. Instead, he persevered, learned, and grew, and eventually won – again.

Our failures don’t define us unless we allow them too – and neither do our victories. It’s our character that makes, or breaks us whether we win, or lose. Are we improving, are we humble in victory and honorable in defeat? Do we continue to move forward, or crumble?

It’s easy to quit – but there is great loss when we do. We lose out on lessons learned, endurance strengthened, integrity sharpened, and character harnessed, as well as serving as encouragement to others.

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