Pain Points

I recently injured my rotator cuff and the pain was intense for quite a few days. It made sleeping nearly impossible and I was surprised at how medicine made very little impact.

However, I also realized this pain seemed to make all my other “problems” seem pretty petty and practically fall away. My focus and perspective changed, which was actually helpful.

Pain quite often does this in various areas of our life – whether emotional, physical or otherwise, when we are in pain our focus changes, priorities shift, and our perspective is adjusted. Quite often our prayer life improves as well. We call out to God more often and plead for His comfort, and peace.

Romans 5:4 reminds us that we can rejoice in our suffering knowing it helps produce perseverance, and perseverance character, and character, hope.

So, under God’s goodness, and as we trust Him, He can turn our pains and troubles for good.

How did my rotator cuff turn for good? So far, it helped me to see the petty issues I was allowing to affect me, but it also opened a window for me to receive love and care from others, which stimulated my praise and appreciation.

It also heightened my prayer life, especially throughout the night, as I struggled for comfort. I felt God’s presence and His hand upon me helping me grow in character little by little. For in my physical pain, my emotional pains were put in perspective.

None of us enjoy pain, but in this life it’s unavoidable, but thankfully, we can be confident knowing God doesn’t waste our pains but can use them for good when we trust Him to do so.

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