Keep A Look Out

My wife shared this picture with me from our past trip to Hawaii. We never saw the rainbow amidst the waves before in this picture, but I just love the metaphor it reflects about life.

For even though we may feel like the waves of life are beating us against the rocks, don’t lose hope.

For Christians, we don’t ever have to lose hope and we can trust God and know He is with us amidst every storm, every trial, and every hardship.

Look to Him – remember His promises, and keep an eye out for the “rainbows” in life.

If it wasn’t for the crashing waves in this photo, there would have been no rainbow.

Often the hardships, can be the very thing God allows to create the beauty He desires in our life. Trust Him. He is truly a good good Father.

As an example, not long ago I was battling discouragement. I was feeling attacked, and deflated, and I had no idea where it was coming from, or why. So, I also felt shame. But as I prayed outside on our patio, I felt the warmth of the sun upon my face. It was almost a completely cloudless day, but after I prayed and opened my eyes, I saw a small sliver of a rainbow balancing between the only two clouds in the sky.

My spirit felt a sense of renewal, as I felt God expressing His presence and love for me. He does this all the time in His Word, and when we take the time to keep a look out for Him throughout our days.

He’s always there giving us hope, love, guidance, and allowing various opportunities to help develop our faith and trust in Him. We may not always get a rainbow, but as we keep a look out, He promises to be found by all who seek Him (Jeremiah 29:13) and thankfully, His mercies are new each day.

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