Can’t Take It With You

So often we can live like nothing else matters but our career. We plan for it most of our life. Sacrifice time for it. Move around the globe for it – willing to leave almost anything for it. Clearly, our careers and what we do for a living is important, but our careers are not why we are living.

We can mistakingly let our careers define us, dictate life to us, and distract us from those areas of life that are truly vital to living – like relationships.

As it’s been said, we won’t take our careers to Heaven, but we will take our character – for believers, these are those attributes about ourselves that are made most like Jesus through the life long process of refinement and sanctification.

Yet, so often we live like it’s our careers we are living for and that will last for eternity. Why is this?

I have been and still stumble into this way of thinking from time to time when I get too caught up into me, myself, and I.

I begin tying my identity to my job rather than to Christ. I begin thinking my “success” is all up to me. I begin to be enticed by worldly pleasures, pursuits, and possessions, and I begin to think I need them to be happy and successful.

However, it doesn’t take long for God to bring me back to His truth. That my life is more valuable than what I own, or what I do. He has plans and purposes for each of us that reach far beyond our careers. He desires to shape us, and allow us to make a kingdom impact where we are.

This helps reset my focus and my purpose. It helps clarify that my job does not define me, but rather is a platform and gateway for Kingdom impact.

Our careers allow us the opportunity to impact others so that the world in which we interact may see Christ in and through us. Our careers can create circumstances that God uses to help shape our characters and provide opportunities to live out our faith. Perhaps that is to move, or to stay, but not simply because of career, and money, but because we look to God to direct our path.

May we never look to worthless things for our identity, but to Christ. May we never live like our careers define our life, but rather invest our lives for Christ, and allow the careers and other platforms we may have been given by Him to provide outlets for us to live out and practice the faith, hope, and love we have been given to share.

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