Wait For It

There are so many times I get impatient and frustrated when things don’t move as quickly, efficiently, or effectively as I would like.

It may be a meeting I’m preparing for, or a special event and everything leading up to it seems to be going astray.

I recently faced three events like this back to back. Yet, once they were completed, I looked back and realized they all went better than I thought they would.

Of course, in our work and families, we may continuously feel this strain that things aren’t moving along as we would hope, but when we look back, we see it turned out okay.

Of course, not everything has, or will have a happy ending, and perhaps that’s what we fear most. We know things can go wrong and we mentally expect it to.

This is where I am learning to simply place it in God’s hands.

I do all the work I can – put my best foot forward and give it my best effort, no matter what it may be, and literally pray to God for Him to take over. I give all to Him and picture in my mind laying whatever is going on at His feet. I then walk away trusting Him for His help.

Then after all the work, preparation, and prayer, I wait for it. I wait expectantly, trusting God will come through to help me. I take the leap of faith.

Almost always, as I have learned to do this more and more, the events and occasions I waited, prayed, and prepped for turn out for good – even when the outcome wasn’t what I expected.

I believe this occurs because I have learned, and am learning, to trust God more and more for His outcomes, no matter what they are.

Faith isn’t easy, but thank God all He requires is a mustard seed size of it. He says that’s all He needs -then I get the joy of watching Him work and help me every step of the way.

Thank God for this gift and for learning to trust Him more and more and to wait for His timing and to trust His outcomes over our own.

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