No Problem

How in the world could having problems be a good thing? None of us like problems, or enjoy them, but our perspective of them, can create opportunities for them to make us better.

Most any problem we face can do this, if we choose. However, this is a difficult choice for most of us because problems irritate, frustrate, and stress us to a point it’s hard to see any positives.

Yet, these problems and stressors are forcing a response from us. They are causing a reaction and serving as valuable tools to bring about necessary changes and sharpening our character to better manage adversity.

People often times create the greatest problems for us. Over time, I have grown to appreciate this “iron sharpening iron” process even more. Being sharpened is a blunt force action at times – not always a gentle process, but one of friction.

Likewise, problems aren’t pleasant and we don’t desire them, but when they come, and they always will, let’s be wise enough to allow them, as the saying goes, to make us better, not bitter.

For me, it’s a matter of faith. Do I believe God is good? Do I believe in His promises and that He is over all things, and allows all things, and can work all things together for good for those who love Him and called to His purposes?

His purposes – not mine. That’s a key point – do I trust in His purposes over my own? Do I desire His will over my own, and do I seek His ways over my own? If so, then I realize the problems I face, He knows about and can use for good – To shape me closer in His image and sanctify my spirit to become the person He desires me to become, and to make the impact He has called me to make.

This is true for all believers and as such, there is power and opportunity within all our problems. Jesus faced problems and acknowledged that we would too – they are part of life, but with God there is always hope for any difficulty we may face.

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