ReBalancing Work Purpose

Our work matters, but so often we can lose the greater things for the lesser when our perspectives go askew.

For example, I recently heard some of the best advice shared on how a young person, or older, can determine the type of work they should go into.

Quite simply, in prayer, consider what great need exists in the world. What problem(s) are you most passionate about? Then consider what gifts and skills you possess that can directly help impact and reduce the problem.

Yet, how many of us consider the work we go into simply by the amount of money we can make?

There is a proverb that says only a fool wears himself out for work. This is not so say we don’t give our best to our work, but it is foolish to live solely for our work and money. Life consists of far greater things than money. However, money seems to rule our lives and dictate how we live our lives. It calls the shots far too often.

Wisdom says we should invest our time, our lives, our gifts, and our skills for something greater. To identify a problem in the world we care about and then work to help make a difference about it. As Christians, we are called to such a task every day.

Whether a secretary, a janitor, a manager, or even an owner, we can all contribute to causes and offer our skills to matters we care about. This also keeps us from feeling trapped by our work and unfulfilled – for no matter how much money we make, if we are working solely for money, there will always be a emptiness it can never satisfy.

Therefore, the balance is to align our passions with a purpose. For me, I was gradually migrated into financial industry and am forever grateful for it. I say gradually because it wasn’t my first choice – writing was.

Yet God has used my passion for finance and communications to help address a problem I am passionate about – financial stewardship. It may not be on a grand scale, but rather one person at a time. For money issues are routinely addressed throughout the Bible, and they are a leading factor to stressed marriages, poor health levels, and stagnate careers. So, by helping in this area, the added blessings benefit marriages, help reduce stress levels, and thereby improve lives.

We may not all achieve the highest platforms and be famous for our work, but our work can matter and make a difference little by little. This is the testimony of our work – it catapults us to interact with others and with the world. Thus, providing great opportunities to make a difference and impact with the days we’ve been given.

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